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I hope you will join us. I personally want to see my church and my community each coming closer to God. I want us to grow together and be a family of God. I want to be a part of changing our world to be a better place.        - Sincerely Yours, Sylvia

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Cutting back…

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed. ~Proverbs 16:3

  We are cutting back…

Greetings! We have gone over and through the churches mailing lists this year. We have taken many people off the mailing list to cut costs and to save time (and trees). The result is…

  • The latest church newsletter and the December 2014 calendar have been emailed to most of you already.
  • Some of the rest of you will still be getting your newsletter (but not the December calendar) via the mail/United States Post Office Service (USPS) since we do not have a correct or current email address for you.
  • There is a chance that we have removed you from the USPS mailing list by mistake. So if you do not get one in the mail and would like one please call Sylvia to let her know you want to be on the mailing list. Be prepared to give her your current mailing address.
  • Maybe you are still on the USPS mailing list and would like to receive your newsletter via email instead. If this is the case please email Sylvia and let her know what email address we can send it to.
Sylvia’s email and/or phone number is on your worship bulletins or here: http://hugo-bc-umc.org/meet-the-staff/

Here is the page to find the latest newsletters: http://hugo-bc-umc.org/newsletters/

Here is our calendar page: http://hugo-bc-umc.org/calendar/

Reminder: You can always view or print the latest newsletter or calendar anytime here at our website. Plus you can “sign-up on the website” to get instant notification of any new posts of current activities or other news of our churches. 

Thanks for visiting our website today!




.. and get a free 8×10 photo


Schedule your photo shoot today! Photo shoots will be on October 24 from 1-8pm and October 25 from 10am-5pmPhoto Directory Sign-up

We are printing a HUGO/BLUE CLIFF UMC church directory too! If you attend our church and want any of your family included please let us know. We hope to have everyone pictured in the new directory!

Church Directory

image007  A New Church Directory 

We are going to create a church pictorial directory.  We have chosen Lifetouch to provide these services for our church. There is no cost to you or our church for this beautiful directory or to have your photographs taken.  Just for participating, each family will receive a  complimentary professional 8 x 10 portrait and a church directory.  We are praying for 100% participation!  Please join us in making this the best directory ever!  Our directory won’t be complete without you!



At the time of photography, you will be able to view your images immediately to select your directory photo.  If you so desire, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring along friends and extended family members to have a professional portrait taken as well.   They also will receive complimentary professional 8 x 10 portrait.  AND it’s even okay to bring a pet or props to make your photos more meaningful.

Our photography schedule will be Friday, October 24 from 1-8pm and  Saturday, October 25 from 10am-5pm.  Arrangements can be made to take photos for shut-ins by calling Sheri Gaskins at 719-775-1055.

Our church directory will help us connect names with faces.  Our directory would not be complete without YOU!   So PLEASE take the time to participate.

Invite your friends or neighbors (they don’t have to be members of our church) to get their complementary portrait taken too! For those who choose to purchase portraits, there are some great discounts available:

  • Sign up online to be eligible to receive a $10 coupon via an e-mail.
  • Do you have a family member age sixty or older?  If so, you will all receive a 20% discount.
  • Donate $5.00 at the time of your photo session to our food pantry fund and receive $5.00 off your beautiful portraits. What a wonderful fundraiser for OUR CHURCH!!



Early sign-ups will get the first choice of times, so please click here and sign-up today Photo Directory Sign-up  Or, bring your calendar and stop by the sign-up table after service.

Part-time volunteers are appreciated to help make our directory a success.  If you can help by signing up families before or after service, telephoning some of our church families or by serving as a greeter during the actual photography sessions, please let us know.

Our church directory will help ALL OF US CONNECT A NAME WITH A FAMILIAR FACE, and won’t be complete without you! Thank you for taking the time to participate!