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I hope you will join us. I personally want to see my church and my community each coming closer to God. I want us to grow together and be a family of God. I want to be a part of changing our world to be a better place.        - Sincerely Yours, Sylvia

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Children’s Sermon

Sunday Children's SermonEvery Sunday Pastor Emily brings the kids up to the front and shares a story of God’s love in one way or another. They finish up with a short prayer too. This is a special time for the children AND for each of the adults in the congregation. Please join us some Sunday. Regular Worship begins at 11am.

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WiFi Wednesday is awesome!

Club 25, Dec 2014, WiFi WednesdayClub 25, Oct 2014, WiFi photoOur WiFi Wednesday fun, dinner, and praise service begins their new year this coming Wednesday, January 21.  If you have time on a Wednesday afternoon or evening we hope you can join us for our wonderful community outreach.  The activities begin at Hugo UMC at 5pm. You can find the WiFi Wednesday schedule, menu, and “needed items for the menus” here WiFi Wednesday info

For those of you that don’t already know, our Club 25 is a small group of local children that are in Grades 2-5 at school. They are a great bunch of kids that are growing to know God. Here are a couple of photos of some of the things that our kids from Club 25 do or make while they are here on Wednesday afternoons. Club 25, Oct 2014, WiFi photoClub 25, Dec 2014, WiFi Wednesday

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Human Relations Day 2015

Do you know what is happening Jan. 18 across The United Methodist Church?

On the Sunday before the remembrance of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, The United Methodist Church will celebrate Human Relations Day.  Our congregation has a unique opportunity to nurture lives through this churchwide Special Sunday offering.  Will you join thousands of United Methodist this Sunday to show God’s love by extending a helping hand to our sisters and brothers who long for hope?

Gifts to this offering support a variety a causes such as: at-risk youth, fathers gripped by addiction, wrap loving arms around young mothers who have nowhere to turn, serve survivors of domestic violence, prisoners seeking God, ministries that advocate for social justice, and others lacking opportunity. Learn more about this special offering.

“Such a wonderful story,
All to our Father for His Glory,
He looked down on earth and found one young man to be worthy,
I promise I have done nothing to deserve it,
And the praise and honor all goes to Him, I would never pervert it,
Please realize I am but a small pawn,
In His amazing plan and purpose.
That we all can be a part of on this day,
by the way, Thank You for your generosity in the past and on today.
Know that I, Brennen D. Boose, am the image which your gifts portray.

Brennen is a leader in the JustUs Youth and the Community Developers movement, a part of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. Human Relations Sunday funds this movement.

Read the rest of the poem by Brennen here… http://s3.amazonaws.com/Website_UMCGiving/resource-files/I_Am_Human_Relations_Day_written_by_Brennan_Boose_formatted_1-16-14.pdf

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Blessings in the New Year!

January 2015

Greetings in the New Year!

The sun is shining! The air is fresh! And a new year begins…full of hope…full of new possibility…a time to let go of the old and be renewed in Faith.

For many 2014 held big changes through moves away by loved ones, new additions to the family, changes in work situations, illnesses and even loss through death of family and friends.

As I sit and meditate on this new year, my hope and prayer is that everyone remembers to move gently and kindly into it, first with yourselves and then with those around you.

May you be kind and gentle with yourselves through whatever you are facing…the pain of loss and illness…all the extra work needed to “keep things afloat”… the effort that a new baby brings.  May you let the wonder of God’s world found all around us, lighten your hearts and fill you with gratitude.

May you be less concerned with what and how you think you “should be” and more willing to trust in The One Who Loves you unconditionally, The One Who Knows what you need and Who is always with you. May your heart be filled with God’s Love and may you know yourself as Loved!

May you also reach out to help and be helped. We are all on this journey together and we are meant to share our joys and our sorrows with each other in Christ’s Love.  May the small wonders found in family, friends and new born babies fill you with Joy,  Peace, Hope and Love in the wonderment that is this life we share! Blessings in Christ to you all,

Pastor Emily